Minx Season 2 Finale Ending, Explained: Does Joyce Get Fired from Minx? (2024)

The eighth and final episode of Starz’s comedy series ‘Minx’ season 2, titled ‘Woman of the Hour,’ revolves around Constance’s party to celebrate the launch of Minx International at her enormous mansion. Doug Renetti confronts Constance concerning her intentions to dissolve Bottom Dollar Publications, only to learn about a pleasant surprise. Joyce Prigger comes to realize that she is losing her creative control over Minx as Constance interferes with the selection of the magazine’s content to make it appealing to mainstream feminists. Episode 8 of the season ends with Joyce waging a war against her funder! SPOILERS AHEAD.

‘Woman of the Hour’ Recap

‘Woman of the Hour’ begins with Constance asking Joyce about Richie’s “bathhouse” photoshoot, which leads her to the photographer. She explicitly tells Richie that Minx should prioritize catering to its women audience rather than to its gay readers, which offends the latter. He asks her to publish the issue without his help since he has worked on the same twice already. Doug confronts Constance about her wish to dissolve Bottom Dollar, only for Constance to reveal that she wants to dissolve the company and establish “Papadopoulos-Renetti Global” with Doug as the president of the same. She reminds him that both Joyce and Tina will report to him.

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Joyce arrives at Constance’s party with the contents for the latest issue of Minx. The wealthy widow tells her that they shouldn’t publish the latest chapter of Bella LaRouche since it explores a same-sex relationship. Constance tells Joyce that her “mainstream feminism” doesn’t have space for lesbians and their accounts since she believes that they will be “attacked” in the name of the same. Joyce expresses how she wants her magazine to be the voice of all women, only for her funder to remind her about the significance of compromises. Shelly and Lenny decide to separate as the former is preparing to move to Italy to be with Doreen.

Doug prepares for the big party as he is immersed in happiness. He is cherishing his new role as the president of the new company and he shares the news first with Tina. He still wants to mend his relationship with her but the latter doesn’t give him an opportunity. After Shelly decides to separate from him, Lenny finds it hard to look after their kids all alone. Bambi helps him calm down the kids and further offers her help to take care of them if Lenny needs support.

Minx Season 2 Ending: Why Does Joyce Resign From Minx?

When Constance initially agrees to fund Minx, Joyce immerses herself in happiness because she finds someone who values the voice of women in the patriarchal society they live in to support her. She cherishes the presence of one of her role models in her magazine but she eventually realizes that Constance’s notions of feminism don’t align with hers. Joyce wants her magazine to be inclusive and a reflection of the world she lives in while Constance wants the same to be a mouthpiece of the elitists among them. When Constance rejects the latest chapter of Shelly’s erotic novel, Joyce realizes that it is time for her to reclaim her creative control.

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Rather than following Constance’s instructions and compromising on her values, Joyce publishes the latest issue of Minx the way she wants. She stops the printing of the magazine’s highly compromised issue and creates a new issue out of nowhere using Richie’s story about police violence. Joyce realizes that she cannot ignore Richie or Shelly’s creations, which are more relevant and important than appealing to “mainstream feminists.” Joyce turns on her rebel mode knowing that Constance will not tolerate the same. Even if the wealthy widow doesn’t fire her protégé, Joyce doesn’t want to continue working for the former.

Joyce decides to resign from Minx and Constance’s new company, even if the latter doesn’t fire the former, as an act of protest. Joyce then plans to write a provoking resignation letter and send it to other major publications to expose the shallowness of the new publisher in the game. She is determined to find a new avenue for her voice, away from Constance, if the latter chooses to silence her while she runs Minx.

Will Constance Shut Down Minx?

When Joyce wages a war against Constance, Shelly, Richie, Bambi, and Tina join her. Although Constance has treated Tina with generosity and as her most trusted ally, the latter doesn’t tolerate the way the former tried to silence Joyce. Tina doesn’t want to stand a woman who tries to control and shuts other women’s voices down. Richie finally celebrates the freedom of his creativity from the rules imposed by Constance. Since the main creative heads of Minx turn against the wealthy widow, running Minx becomes a hard task for her. However, Constance may not shut down the magazine because Minx is an irreplaceable brand.

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Joyce has made Minx a national sensation and Constance’s entire plans to establish a new company and Minx International rely on that acceptance. If she loses the Minx brand, she will have to start from the bottom to build a new women’s magazine. Constance doesn’t want to wait for years to make the same happen when she has Minx on her hand. That’s also the reason why she makes it clear to Doug that Joyce is replaceable as she has “options” in front of her. Constance may try to find another woman to spearhead her plans concerning Minx and Minx International rather than killing the duck that lays golden eggs.

Constance re-enters the world of business by becoming a part of the success story of Minx. Without such a foundation, she is just another publisher trying to appeal to half of the population of the country with a random women’s magazine. Therefore, with or without Joyce, it is evident that she will hold Minx close to her heart.

Do Doug and Constance Get Together?

When Joyce turns against Constance and leaves her, Doug becomes the latter’s ally. As an ambitious businessman, he realizes the potential of serving as the president of the new company Constance is forming. With plans in place to publish Minx in four continents and eight countries, Doug is cherishing the success saga they have been writing together. By the end of the party, Doug not only earns a place in Constance’s new company but also on her bed. However, their passion may not be the one of heart or love. They can be celebrating their individual victories with a night and dawn of intimacy.

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Constance has always been attracted to men who can win. She has been able to conquer them both in bed and business. By inviting Doug to her bed, Constance must be trying to keep the former close to her, especially after Joyce’s departure. Constance needs someone who will fight for her and her intimacy with Doug can be her way of holding him to her. Since Doug still has feelings for Tina, he may not want his dalliance with Constance to last long but he may want to remain as her business partner. If sharing intimacy with Constance will allow him to head Minx and their new company, he may not reject the latter’s advances toward him.

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Minx Season 2 Finale Ending, Explained: Does Joyce Get Fired from Minx? (2024)
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