Minx season 1, episode 10 recap - the finale and ending explained (2024)



“You happened to me” might not have been the ending I wanted to see, but the show still finishes strong. Ophelia Lovibond and Jake Johnson delight throughout this whole series. I hope we get a season two.

This recap of the HBO Max series Minx season 1, episode 10, “You happened to me,” — the ending and finale explained — contains spoilers.

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As we head into the finale, there are so many unanswered questions. When Joyce quit Minx, the company has since seen Bambi leave, Richie leaves and Doug struggles to put it all back together. What happens with Shelly/Bambi? Does Joyce come back to Minx? What happens with Tina?

Minx season 1, episode 10 recap – the finale and ending explained

I love how these opening scenes get increasingly weird every week. Joyce shows up knocking on Doug’s door and Tina opens the door, which confuses her. Joyce talks about how no one will like the new magazine for what it exposes. At this time, Doug informs Joyce that Tina is the lead editor now.

Joyce and Bottom Dollar are getting sued because someone’s wife manned his privates (writing about this show weekly is so fun). Although Doug loves the publicity stunt, his lawyer wants him to settle, and Joyce is reminded that she is involved even though she is gone.

The radio deejays that Joyce put in their place have decided to jump on the lawsuit informing all MEN should move forward with giving her and Bottom Dollar a hard time. The entire thing makes Joyce realize that she has a stake in the company. So she heads out to recruit Richie and Bambi to come to join her. Joyce walks in to give Doug a cease and desist order and Doug shows her the door.

Doug visits the Wanda woman inspired by the Minx article to hurt her husband’s (the radio deejay) private area. Joyce shows up mid-conversation to let her know that Doug is up to no good. The meeting is disastrous as Wanda says she wants to tell her own story.

Our deejays hit the airwaves, informing us they will be helping pay for any lawsuit by the men against Joyce/Bottom Dollar. They also had councilwoman Bridgette on to announce she will be introducing a bill to ban p*rnographic materials. Minx is IN TROUBLE, FOLKS. There are thirteen lawsuits so far and the lawyer is letting them know this is not good.

If we remember, Tina got dirt on the councilwoman, and his lawyer tears it up and lets him know that it’s illegal to blackmail her. He lets them know the best decision is to fold Minx and separate their partnership. Next, Bambi volunteers to talk to the men that are protesting. FINALLY, a good moment here for Bambi’s character. These side characters have had little time to shine, but they kill it when they do.

The ending

Bambi’s plan doesn’t help because she informed them she was retiring and they blame Joyce. The protestors have forced their way into the Bottom Dollar headquarters and have left the team hiding in a room. The cops obviously aren’t showing up because of the councilwoman and they aren’t sure what the next move should be.

Richie informs Doug he isn’t taking him up on the new ‘Art Director’ because he decided to confront him in front of Joyce about it. But, man, I wish we got more from Richie this season. He has been incredible in any moment of shine he has had.

The team starts to read the fan mail, which is nothing but good things about Minx. Then, Tina calls the Russians who are coming to rough up all the people destroying the place. As they arrive, they start to take them out one by one. We get a montage of this happening while Doug reads the magazine with a smile. Shelly shows the photos she took with Bambi to her husband and Tina receives a letter of acceptance from multiple prominent colleges.

Doug shows up at Joyce’s door to apologize to her for everything he has done along the way. Joyce informs him she has all these jobs, but they all have another Doug who wants the power behind every job. Doug finally caves and lets Joyce know Minx is hers and she can take it anywhere she wants. She thanks him, he says good luck, and the credits have arrived.

I admit I enjoyed the finale, but I can’t help but think the last twenty minutes of the show were a setup for season two. I don’t HATE that they do that, but I was hoping for a little more out of the episode.

What did you think of Minx season 1, episode 10 (finale), and the ending? Comment below.

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Minx season 1, episode 10 recap - the finale and ending explained (2024)


Minx season 1, episode 10 recap - the finale and ending explained? ›

By the end of Minx's Season 1 finale, Joyce achieves the outcome she wanted from Episode 1: She's the sole owner/publisher of the feminist erotic magazine she created. But Doug is no longer involved, and Bottom Dollar Publications is literally in ruins.

Who is the fireman from the first episode of Minx? ›

The First Centerfold for Minx Is a Complicated Issue

Shane Brody (Taylor Zakhar Perez), a handsome but dense firefighter with quite a hose, easily wins over the magazine's panel. Joyce finally feels invigorated about the magazine and even directs Shane's photoshoot.

How does Minx season 2 end? ›

In Minx's season two finale, the Bottom Dollar gang reunites to hit back at Constance Papadopoulos' takeover, which has not only reshaped the magazine (titled “Minx”) but slowly revealed itself as more hostile than (almost) anyone realized.

Why did Minx get cancelled? ›

Discovery unceremoniously canceled it as a tax write-off. Produced by Lionsgate Television, Minx found new life at Starz, where it's second season aired in July 2023, coming to the screen just as the SAG-AFTRA strike was beginning, hampering the cast's ability to promote the show.

Why did HBO pull Minx? ›

Joe Otterson

“Minx” has been canceled at HBO Max, even though the show had been renewed for Season 2 back in May. According to sources, the show was preparing to wrap production on its second season when Warner Bros. Discovery decided to scrap the show in its latest cost-cutting move.

What is the ending of Minx? ›

The Bottom Dollar gang reunited & revolted against Minx

Joyce realizes that Minx has sacrificed their core values to go global and that she has become part of the problem by focusing on business and ignoring more radical for the '70s feminist ideals and their gay male readership. She's lost control of her own magazine.

Did HBO cancel Minx? ›

“Minx” has been picked up by Starz following the show's surprise cancellation by HBO Max. Starz will now air the recently completed second season of the comedy series as well as the first season.

Who is the fireman in Minx? ›

Taylor Zakhar Perez was cast as firefighter Shane. About the challenges he faced while playing the character, he said, "The biggest thing was grounding him, making him likable, and also playing against the line."

Who is Maggie on Minx? ›

"Minx" Oh, so you're the sun now? You're the giver of life? (TV Episode 2022) - Gillian Jacobs as Maggie - IMDb.

Who is Graham in Minx? ›

Part of that new stratosphere includes a new boyfriend as Joyce tries her hand at dating British rocker, Graham (Adam Cropper). He's never explicitly named as such but you don't have to work too hard to figure out he's meant to be Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

Who is Wanda on Minx? ›

Allison Tolman: Wanda

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