I Took A vagin*l Health Supplement For 2 Months — Here's What Happened (2024)

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November 07, 2023

mbg Deputy Commerce Editor

By Braelyn Wood

mbg Deputy Commerce Editor

Braelyn Wood is the Deputy Commerce Editor at mindbodygreen. She has a B.S. in journalism from Northwestern University, along with a certificate in marketing.

I Took A vagin*l Health Supplement For 2 Months — Here's What Happened (3)

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November 07, 2023

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Like many people, I grew up learning that my vagin* was self-sufficient. I don't use scented products in hopes of making it smell like roses, and I avoid gynecologist no-go's, like douches.

But as interest in vulva care continues to expand, I couldn't help but wonder if there was a way to also support my vagin*l health. After all, I actively look for ways to promote a healthy gut and skin microbiome—shouldn't I be doing the same for my vagin*l microbiome?

My piqued interest aligned well with a chance to test out Bonafide's Clairvee, a probiotic that helps to maintain a balanced vagin*l microbiome.* After two months of taking Clairvee, I'm happy to say this tiny little capsule has changed the way I think about my own vagin*l health.

Why a balanced vagin*l microbiome matters

Your vagin*l microbiome is composed of bacteria, fungi, archaea, and eukaryotes1, which work together to maintain a balanced pH between 4 to 4.5. This optimal pH won't allow the growth of unwanted bacteria.

If you have a suboptimal vagin*l microbial mix, there could be an imbalance of bad versus good bacteria (more of the bad guys), leading to unusual discharge, odors, or even irritation.

Taking a vitamin for vagin*l health, like Clarivee, could help restore vagin*l microbiome balance.*

What's in Clarivee

The main ingredients in Clairvee include:

I Took A vagin*l Health Supplement For 2 Months — Here's What Happened (5)

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What is Clairvee used for?

The primary ingredient in Clarivee is Lactobacillus acidophilus2 LA-14, which research shows can promotebalanced vagin*l microflora4and vagin*l pH5.* The bacterium is paired with Lactobacillus rhamnosus6 HN001, another probiotic linked to supporting vagin*l health.*

Along with these probiotics, each capsule also contains 50 mg of lactoferrin. Derived from milk, this protein7 acts as a prebiotic agent and has been studied for its ability to alter the vagin*l microbiota composition8.* (It also means the probiotic is not dairy-free.)

Methylated folate rounds out the formula, which is the bioactive form of folic acid. If you're unfamiliar, folate is essential to the methylation pathways that impact everything fromcardiovascular to reproductive health, as well as energy production anddetoxification.* And yes, it's in many supplements on the market (though not always in its most bioavailable form).

What you need to know about Clairvee

How to take Clairvee

As someone who has historically struggled to stay on my supplement routine, I love that you only need to take Clarivee 15 consecutive days each month. Life gets busy—and I love that there's flexibility to take Clairvee in a way that fits into my schedule.

And don't worry: The supplement is still supporting your vagin*l microbiome all month long.*

What's more, this supplement is so easy to take. It's much smaller than a typical multivitamin and easy to swallow. Clairvee also doesn't leave behind any lingering flavors, like a few other supplements in my routine.

I Took A vagin*l Health Supplement For 2 Months — Here's What Happened (6)

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Does Clarivee go in the fridge?

Real estate is hard to come by in my fridge, so I lean away from any supplements that take up valuable shelf space. Clairvee passes this test.

Although it's a probiotic, Clairvee is made with a dual-capsule technology. This means the probiotic formula is suspended in liquid folic acid and then sealed into a second capsule.

Beyond looking like a modern science experiment, this tech serves a bigger purpose. It slows down the release of the probiotics into your system so your body can actually make the most of the ingested ingredients. It also means there's no refrigeration necessary.

How long does it take Clairvee to work?

The brand conducted an open clinical study in which 95% of women experienced a reduction in odor after one month.†

While I love that Bonafide tests its formulas, I think it's worth noting the study was not peer-reviewed. What's more, these studies were completed with people who have moderate-to-more serious vagin*l odor concerns.

Plus, it's important to remember that vagin*l odor is totally normal and can be impacted by so many things—sex, menstruation, hot weather, and even diet.

My experience with Clairvee

As someone who cycle tracks to prevent pregnancy, I'm in tune with my body's natural ebbs and flows. I know how different parts of my menstrual cycle impact odors and discharge—and I know when something is not quite right with my vagin*.

When I started taking Clairvee, I wasn't worried that my vagin*l microbiome was all out of whack. Instead it felt like a safeguard against the moments when my vagin* was struggling to keep things balanced (which eventually happens to every woman).*

Did I notice any changes? Surprisingly, yes. I typically have some discomfort right after my menstrual cycle as my body works to restore balance, but I was generally comfortable through all stages of my cycle when taking Clarivee.*

I also noticed a slight reduction in odor; I have an incredibly sensitive nose and feel like I can pick up on even the faintest odors. While I've never considered myself unnaturally smelly—again, every vagin* has an odor—I will say my scent felt less strong.*

One time when my scent didn't change at all? After a super-sweaty workout—but what can you really expect?

I Took A vagin*l Health Supplement For 2 Months — Here's What Happened (7)

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The pros & cons of Clairvee


  • Provides strain-specific info
  • Methylated folate (bioactive)
  • Dual-cap technology for viability


  • Expensive monthly cost without subscription
  • Cheap, plastic packaging
  • Contains dairy allergen (milk)


Does Clairvee have side effects?

While I personally didn't experience any side effects with Clairvee, probiotics can cause comfort issues in the digestive system, including gas and regularity challenges. This formula also includes lactoferrin, which lactose-intolerant folks should avoid.

Is Clairvee FDA approved?

Clairvee, like all supplements, is not approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

The takeaway

It's time to stop ignoring our vagin*l health when trying to optimize our supplement routine—and Clarivee is a great place to start. This shelf-stable probiotic blend restores balance in your vagin*l microbiome through every stage of your menstrual cycle (or lack thereof). It's easy to take, leaves no lingering taste, and supports general comfort all month long.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. †Clinical trials were either conducted on Bonafide products or a key ingredient contained within Bonafide products.

I Took A vagin*l Health Supplement For 2 Months — Here's What Happened (2024)
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