22 Simple Recipes That Will Help You Become A Better Cook (2024)

    The best way to become a better home cook is to practice often.

    by Hannah LoewentheilBuzzFeed Staff

    If you're cooking at home more than usual, why not use this time to hone your kitchen skills? Here are a bunch of simple recipes that taste delicious and allow you to improve your culinary techniques at the same time.

    Pinch of Yum / Via pinchofyum.com

    Not all scrambled eggs are created equal, and until you've become an expert at this three-ingredient silky version, keep scrambling. All you need are eggs, salt, and butter, but you'll want to cook the eggs low and slow until they're super soft and decadent. Get the recipe for soft scrambled eggs here.

    2. Beef Bourguignon

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    The Cookie Rookie / Via thecookierookie.com

    It's always a good idea to have a few homemade soup and stew recipes in your arsenal. This beef stew takes a bit of time to prepare, but you'll develop some useful skills along the way, like searing meat and braising it in a savory sauce made with wine and cognac. Get the recipe for beef Bourguignon here.

    Once Upon a Chef / Via onceuponachef.com

    There's no bad time to eat quiche. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this savory egg dish hits the spot. Best of all, you can load it with whatever is in your kitchen, from bacon and Gruyère to roasted peppers and goat cheese. Get the recipe for quiche Lorraine here.

    A Thousand Crumbs / Via athousandcrumbs.com

    Sure, you can buy store-bought hamburgers, but every home cook should know how to make patties from scratch with just a few simple ingredients: ground beef, Worcestershire sauce, chopped onion, and parsley. Get the recipe for homemade hamburger patties here.

    Closet Cooking / Via saltandlavender.com, Salt and Lavender / Via saltandlavender.com

    Learn how to make basic chicken cutlets that you can use in a ton of recipes. Put beaten egg, flour, and Parmesan into three small bowls, dredge the chicken, then fry it until golden brown. Get the recipe for chicken française here.

    Pinch of Yum / Via pinchofyum.com

    It can be so tempting to reach for a can of store-bought tomato soup, but making it from scratch is worth it every single time. This recipe calls for some basic ingredients like San Marzano tomatoes, cream, chicken broth, flour, and tomato paste. And you don't need any special equipment, either: Just crush the tomatoes with your hands and let everything simmer. Get the recipe for simple tomato soup here.

    7. Butter Poached Fish

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    Coley Cooks / Via coleycooks.com

    Poaching fish in a mixture of butter, garlic, and white wine is a foolproof way to make tender, flavorful fish without much mess (or smelling up your kitchen!). You can try this recipe with just about any flaky whitefish or salmon. Get the recipe for butter poached fish here.

    Carlsbad Cravings / Via carlsbadcravings.com

    Everyone can use an easy and reliable meat sauce recipe. Before you reach for a jar of store-bought tomato sauce, you'll realize that preparing sauce from scratch isn't very difficult, and you can taste a world of difference. Get the recipe for Bolognese sauce here.

    9. Eggs Benedict

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    Cooking Classy / Via cookingclassy.com

    Poaching eggs is one of those kitchen skills every home cook should master. It takes a bit of practice, but you'll get the hang of it. You can make classic eggs Benedict with an English muffin, Canadian bacon, and creamy hollandaise sauce or get creative with what's in your kitchen. Get the recipe for eggs Benedict here.

    Dad With a Pan / Via dadwithapan.com

    It may seem like shellfish is difficult to cook at home, but anyone can do it. This seafood-and-chorizo paella cooks entirely in one pan with garlic, onion, chopped tomatoes, and lots of spices. Get the recipe for spicy seafood paella here.

    The Cookie Rookie / Via thecookierookie.com

    You start this quintessential chicken recipe by by pounding chicken breasts, then dredging them in eggs, bread crumbs, and Parmesan. Frying the cutlets before baking them in marinara sauce and cheese gives them that delightfully crispy texture. Get the recipe for chicken Parmesan here.

    12. Crispy Skillet Chicken Thighs

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    Butter Your Biscuit / Via butteryourbiscuit.com

    You don't need any fancy ingredients for perfectly cooked chicken thighs that are golden brown and crunchy on the outside but tender on the inside. Cook chicken skin-side down on a sizzling-hot cast-iron skillet. Then flip it and finish cooking in the oven. Get the recipe for crispy skillet chicken thighs here.

    13. Wild Mushroom Galette

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    The Modern Proper / Via themodernproper.com

    Once you know how to make a simple galette, you can fill it with anything — sweet or savory — for a filling meal or delicious dessert. This crust calls for a handful of fresh herbs, but if you're making a sweet galette, just leave them out. Get the recipe for wild mushroom galette here.

    Jo Cooks / Via jocooks.com

    It's time to step away from the canned pasta sauce and make it from scratch. One of the keys to delicious homemade pasta sauce is preserving some of the starchy pasta water so you can add it back and deglaze the final sauce. Get the recipe for pasta alla vodka here.

    Sally's Baking Addiction / Via sallysbakingaddiction.com

    You can make these savory pancakes with lots of veggies, from sweet potato and zucchini to broccoli and carrots. Shred the veggies and strain them, removing as much water as possible. Then form the vegetables into patties with beaten eggs, garlic, and herbs. These babies can be baked or fried to make them even crispier. Get the recipe for zucchini fritters here.

    Simply Home Cooked / Via simplyhomecooked.com

    Braising enhances flavor and tenderizes meat, and you can practice the technique when you make this short-rib recipe. Cooked in red wine and broth, the meat literally falls off the bone. Get the recipe for braised beef short ribs here.

    17. Lemon Butter Seared Scallops

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    Fox and Briar / Via foxandbriar.com

    Cooking seafood might seem intimidating, but making restaurant-quality scallops at home is easy. Scallops require only about two minutes of searing per side, and the result is a golden-brown, glazed exterior and fork-tender inside. Get the recipe for lemon butter scallops here.

    My Food Story / Via myfoodstory.com

    Preparing tofu so that it develops a golden, crunchy exterior is a skill. For starters, you'll want to press the tofu in a kitchen towel to drain any excess water. Next, be sure to let your skillet get extremely hot, then cook the tofu in an even, uncrowded layer. Get the recipe for crispy tofu broccoli stir-fry here.

    19. Lemon Basil Risotto With Burrata

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    Just a Little Bit of Bacon / Via justalittlebitofbacon.com

    Yes, cooking this dish on the stove top demands constant stirring, but it's worth it for a bowl of decadent risotto. Start with the necessary ingredients: arborio rice, broth or stock, butter, salt, and white wine, then doctor up your risotto with anything from mushrooms and pine nuts to butternut squash and sage. Get the recipe for lemon basil risotto with burrata here.

    Carlsbad Cravings / Via carlsbadcravings.com

    Curry is such a versatile meal that you can make it with whatever vegetables and protein you have on hand. This version calls for yellow curry paste, coconut milk, soy sauce, fish sauce, and lemon juice. Get the recipe for Thai yellow curry chicken here.

    Savory Nothings / Via savorynothings.com

    Unless you're a seasoned baker, making bread from scratch can sound like a serious challenge. But this no-knead recipe is the perfect way to hone your baking skills and develop some confidence. Get the recipe for no-knead bread here.

    Chocolate With Grace / Via chocolatewithgrace.com

    Sure, the boxed stuff tastes good, but this homemade version is next-level delicious. Making brownies from scratch is a great entry-level baking project that's difficult to mess up. Get the recipe for brownies made with cocoa here.

    22 Simple Recipes That Will Help You Become A Better Cook (2024)
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